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The Gold Class hair is applied using a new, cutting edge, specialist hot fusion machine which forms the very smallest bond on the market. This method uses heat to form tiny bonds which are very durable and flexible in the natural hair.

This technique involves taking a small section of the client’s hair and applying a single extension strand which is equal in size and bonding it to the natural hair by heat fusion. This is built up row by row until the finished look is complete.

We are very proud to be the first and only hair extension salon in the North East to be a stockist of the exclusive Gold Class Hair. We only use the top named brands in the hair extension world and are incredibly proud and excited to be a stockist of Gold Class Hair Extensions.

Gold Class is an invitation only brand and is used by the best in the business and worn by celebrities worldwide.

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Benefits of Gold Fever:

  • Protects the client’s own hair, permitting it to grow healthily throughout the duration of the hair extension cycle
  • Mimics the molecular structure of human hair much more closely due to this new advanced protein formula. Therefore, the bonds will gently expand and contract in accordance with the behaviour of human hair when it is wet or dry, ensuring a safe, natural and harmless application. The removal of the Gold Fever Protein tipped strands is also extremely gentle to the client’s natural hair due to this new advanced protein formula
  • Fabulously comfortable for the wearer and no more jagged, coarse bonds that snag on fingers running through the hair but a smooth finish with a great feel
  • No shedding like other pre-bonded methods
  • Totally undetectable and smallest bond available
  • Custom-tailored
  • Hair lasts up to two years with regular maintenance, saving you from buying new sets of extensions every few months
  • Very strong and long lasting


  • Hair cannot be refitted on same day – it must be sent off to be retipped every three to five months (hair returned in one week)
  • Heat is used
  • Not suitable for very fine hair


Gold Fever maintenance is carried out every three to five months depending on natural hair. All hair needs to be removed and sent off to our retipping lady. Our re tipper cuts the old tip off, rebonds a new tip and returns within a week’s turnaround.

Retipping and refitting costs depend on how many strands you have fitted. Gold Fever hair can be refitted and rebonded many times so new hair will not need to be ordered. You will lose about two inches every time your hair is rebonded.

Why trust us to fit your hair extensions?

So, we have shared our top tips with you to help you to make sure that you choose the very best hair extension technician. But why should you trust us to apply your hair extensions?

  • We are expertly trained by the best training schools in the UK.
  • We have over 9 years of experience in the hair extension industry and over 20 years in  the hairdressing business
  • We are listed as part of the Federation of Master Hair Extensionists
  • Award Winning Super Stylist Salon for Remy Cachet
  • We are an exclusive Gold Fever Salon
  • Built on recommendations from all over the UK and have clients travelling from as far as Dubai
  • We have our very own branded hair extension range with extensive aftercare service
  • Return clients again and again
  • We are trained in 10 different methods to offer the very best for different hair types

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