The important bits. Please find out all about our process below.

Book A Consultation


Our comprehensive, personal consultation process normally takes approximately 15 minutes, and offers you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and to ask any questions you may have. This service is a free, no-obligation consultation and is a very important part of the hair extension process. At your consultation, we will examine your hair colour, texture and length and go through which method would be best suited for your natural hair and the look you would like to achieve.

If you wish to go ahead with your hair fitting appointment, we will fill out a full consultation form which will include all costs, terms and conditions and aftercare advice. We take a small non refundable booking fee of 50% of the total value to secure your hair extension appointment in the diary.

Deposit is non-refundable if you cancel, however if you are not able to make the appointment and would like to re-arrange, you can do so but we require at least 72 hours’ notice. If notice is not given, your money will be non-refundable and payable again if a new appointment is required.


Preparation of your hair before having hair extensions fitted is extremely important to ensure that you do not have any excess oils in your natural hair which can cause extensions to not adhere properly and slide out. Before you have your hair extensions fitted, please ensure that you have washed your hair thoroughly using a clarifying shampoo on the morning of your fitting (not the night before). This is to remove all natural oils and product build-up. It is best that you do not use any conditioner, but if your hair really needs it then lightly apply conditioner on the ends of your hair only. Do not apply conditioner to the root area as this will cause extensions to slide.

Please arrive to your appointment with your hair dry and straightened. If your hair has to be coloured or chemically treated, then make sure it is done at least three to four days before the application of your hair extensions.


Maintenance is very important and we offer an extensive aftercare service. Once you have had your hair extensions fitted, your extensions will need to be looked after and cared for to ensure your own hair does not get damaged and you get the most out of your new hair. You will be given an aftercare leaflet which you can read and follow through after your appointment. We have our very own hair extension products which can be purchased on the day to ensure that your hair is going to last and stay in perfect condition.

Maintenance appointments are extremely important to keep your extensions looking their best and to stop any matting/tangling of your natural re-growth hair. The length of time before your second appointment will depend on the treatment you have. We advise that it’s best to ring and book a month in advance as our diary gets extremely busy.

If you have an individual method fitted it is normal to loose up to 15 strands in two months most clients don’t it all depends on the clients lifestyle, what products they are using and how oily their hair is this is totally normal and we ask you to keep a hold of these so we can refit them for you.

We do require a small deposit to secure maintenance appointments in the diary which is payable over the phone, by card or in the salon. If, for what ever reason, your maintenance appointment needs to be re-scheduled, then please give us at least 48 hours’ notice. If notice is not given, then your deposit will be non-refundable and payable again.

Removal and Natural Hair Shed

Having your hair extensions removed correctly is the most important part of the process as your own natural hair can easily be damaged if they are not removed by a professional. Making sure that your removal is carried out at the correct time eliminates any damage to your natural hair.

On average we lose 100–150 strands of hair a day. This is the hair you find in your brush/in the shower when not wearing extensions. When you have extensions in, this hair shed will be caught/trapped in the bond and it has nowhere to go until your hair extensions are removed. If you leave your extensions in for too long, all the shedded hair can become tangled and start matting at the roots when the bonds have grown down. This can lead to your hair dreadlocking above your bonds which causes removal to be extremely difficult. It also causes unnecessary weight on your natural hair.

When you have had your extensions fitted, you will start to notice around the bond some natural hair spouting out with white bulbs on the end. This is your natural hair shed and it is completely normal. When having your extensions removed, you will be surprised at what 150 strands a day looks like after wearing your extensions over a long period of time.

All the methods that we fit, when maintained and removed correctly, help your natural hair to grow and cause zero damage. Removal times all depend on the method and can range from 30 to 90 minutes.

The Natural Hair Shedding Process

It is very important for clients to understand their natural hair shedding process

Hair shedding is a completely normal, natural life cycle that happens on a day-to-day basis. When wearing hair extensions, your hair will shed in the same way as it does when you’re not wearing them. On average, we lose around 100 to 150 hairs per day as part of this natural process (this is hair that you will find on your hairbrush/in the shower/on your flooring etc.). However, when you are wearing our hair extensions, this natural hair shed will remain trapped within the extension bond, i.e. it will shed from your scalp but be left inside the extension attachment. During the length of time you wear your extensions, this hair will start to build up around the root area until the extensions are removed.

A very important part of looking after your extensions is the separating of the bonds. When your natural hair starts growing down the bonds, they can start to join together if they are not separated with your fingers every day. Your hair must be brushed thoroughly at the scalp with your hair extension soft bristled brush, as this will prevent hair shed from becoming tangled and matted at the root. This makes removal very difficult and hair hard to untangle.

Hair extensions should never be kept in for longer than three months (refits), since the amount of hair that will have shed naturally from your scalp will be considerable by this time. This is fine for most methods as you have refits at two months or three months. One method where this applies is Pre-Bonded Keratin bonds.

If hair extensions are kept in for longer than the recommended time, the build-up of your natural hair shed will become matted at the roots, which can be very damaging to your natural hair and difficult to detangle. The extensions will need removing in order to remove the shed hair.

Over time, extensions will become unstable if they are kept in for too long. This is because the natural shedding process will eventually cause the extension to secure by fewer strands of natural hair than originally taken to hold it in place. This will put tension on your natural hair which can cause it to weaken over time.

When it is time to have your hair extensions removed, the hair that has been trapped in the bond will be brushed out. This can look like a lot coming out at once, and this is because after wearing extensions for three months, around 6,000 hairs will have shed naturally from your scalp. This may sound like a lot but your hair is constantly replacing itself. There is no need to be alarmed or concerned that your hair is coming out during the removal process as this is simply the naturally shed hair being released. Some people shed more hair than others and it is a completely normal process through which our natural hair continues to grow.

You may continue to wear your hair extensions by having them removed and refitted on the same day.