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Mini Locks have taken over the standard micro ring. There are no more big micro rings that don’t lie flat – these are much more discreet and comfortable to wear.

This technique involves taking a small section of the client’s natural hair. Using a threading tool, we apply a small, copper, round-shaped lock. We then fit inside the lock an extension strand which is positioned about an inch from the client’s scalp so no tension is caused. It is then clamped shut with pliers to secure the lock in place. When refits are due, the little lock is opened up and hair easily slides out. All shedded hair is combed out and a new lock is fitted reusing the same hair, which makes removal and maintenance easy and quick.

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Benefits of Mini Lock Extensions:

  • Undetectable
  • Hair lasts up to one year with regular maintenance
  • Available in 45 different shades, including ombre
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Protects the client’s own hair
  • No heat is used


  • Retipping is advised every six months, which means a cost will incur
  • Strand size cannot be altered
  • Not suitable for clients with a metal allergy


Mini Lock maintenance is carried out every three months.

With the Mini Locks, we do require at second refit (six months after first) all hair to be removed and retipped using keratin granules so that they can be worn again for another six months, as the mini tip can wear down after this period. Hair can be refitted again a few days later. Costs of retipping and refitting depend on the amount of strands you have fitted.

All hair is taken out row by row, shedded hair is brushed out and refitted using the same hair but a new lock. The same hair can be reused for up to a year with the correct maintenance and aftercare products.

Why trust us to fit your hair extensions?

So, we have shared our top tips with you to help you to make sure that you choose the very best hair extension technician. But why should you trust us to apply your hair extensions?

  • We are expertly trained by the best training schools in the UK.
  • We have over 9 years of experience in the hair extension industry and over 20 years in  the hairdressing business
  • We are listed as part of the Federation of Master Hair Extensionists
  • Award Winning Super Stylist Salon for Remy Cachet
  • We are an exclusive Gold Fever Salon
  • Built on recommendations from all over the UK and have clients travelling from as far as Dubai
  • We have our very own branded hair extension range with extensive aftercare service
  • Return clients again and again
  • We are trained in 10 different methods to offer the very best for different hair types

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